Saturday, 24 March 2012


Superman is my favourite character ever!I know people say Batman (a close second)is but they're wrong.
You see I must say to the comic book writing community "STOP DUMBING DOWN SUPERMAN TO MAKE BATMAN LOOK COOL!!!!"
You see Superman is a warrior!And although some writers and stories ham up the boyscout side,other stories exist where he is a total badass!This however doesn't mean he is without his softer side-he is Superman after all!It just means he is a full character with different sides.
A lot of people like to point out the fact that he can't be hurt.But they're wrong there too.Apart from the fact that his strength and power has increased dramatically over the decades he can be hurt.
Could you imagine if your parents and your whole planet were destroyed?
Could you imagine the alienation (okay literal alienation)you would feel on a different planet!
How about evil villains trying to kill you on a weekly basis?
What if you don't save everyone with such power? what kind of hero are you?AARRGGHH!!!! the guilt!!!
Now imagine outliving your loved ones and seeing them die.
And throughout this you keep smiling and doing the right thing!
Because you're not a whiny bitch crying over mammy and daddy,while living a billionare life style with hot chicks after you!!!
Okay this isn't an anti Batman blog,I love the caped crusader!But I'm making a point!A very geek point but a point nontheless!!
What has this got to do with my Darkseid sculpt? I guess I have issues....


You can view and download the turntable video of the model on vimeo.Be sure to go to the bottom right hand side and go to download video,there you will see the high def video-

                                                                   Scifi art now

SciFi Art Now is a book collecting some of the best in contemporary science fiction art by a wide range of creators. The book, edited by John Freeman, includes an introduction by the legendary Chris Foss and is on sale now in all good bookshops.

"Scifi art now" is a book I am very proud to be part of.The book really does collect a great sample of art from contemporary artists working and aspiring to work in the scifi art genre.
The book has seven chapters that covers robots, aliens, spaceships, cities, warfare, space girls and steampunk.
My work in the book spans over 3 pages,with two in the robot chapter and one in the alien chapter.
I would like to thank John Freeman for the great work involved in putting the book together!

You can read about the artists here-
Book review and preview-
Buy "Scifi art now" here-

Friday, 23 March 2012

                         The legend of Oakswamp and the mysteries of Ironwood

Director Jed Burdick is busy developing his scifi/adventure/fantasy film "The legend of Oakswamp and the mysteries of Ironwood".
The movie is a very special project that fuses elements of "Stand by me" and films like "Cloverfield" into a new and exciting story involving Nazi science, Genetic manipulation and some truely unique creatures.
The film is based in the 50s and that sense of wonder and hope that America had is a great counterpoint to the horror that lies within the woods.
I was lucky enough to be one of the conceptual artists on the film.You can see the promotional trailer here-
You can read more about the film here-
"The legend of Oakswamp and the mysteries of Ironwood" site-

                                                               FAN BOY

Creating art work that is well executed,exciting and marketable(nothing wrong with that)is a big part of what drives an artist.We all get shaped by our environment and experiences.Pop culture is always reflected in work,it is what we see and learn throughout our lives that influences us in so many ways.
If you look at fanboy art Batman,The Hulk,Wolverine and many other characters are represented constantly.Everyone is trying to add something to what they love.These characters are so beloved that they are always open to interpretation.
That's what I love about these characters!You have a problem with superhero reboots?Hell the comics do it with each artist and writers' arc!
Here are a few of my fanboy images..

I love to sculpt and paint fully realized characters,but the hardest part of the process for me is choosing a final image.However with the 3 dimensional aspects of sculpting it allows you to have multiple angles,shots,lighting and other ways to present work.Soon I will upload high quality turntables of my work,but for now here are some new shots of the Freddy Krueger model.

                         To see the video of the sculpt as a turntable presentation go to this link-

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Before I learned painting in photoshop or digital sculpting I always rendered with a pencil.I am a big believer that if you can paint traditionally or sculpt traditionally you can digitally too and vice versa.I never understood the prejudices against new technology,good art always shows through.
I like to use the computer,it's cleaner and more efficient at producing work.It cuts out a lot of headaches.The biggest is scanning work in.
However lately I have a bit of a yearning to get off the pc and onto my drawing board.Perhaps it's due to eye strain but I miss paper and a pencil,I miss the mess.Maybe it's just the fact that I need to change things around now and again to stay fresh.
I have posted some pencil renderings here(I love black and white images)that I did a few years back,so I hope you like them. I know I enjoyed drawing where's that f#ckin% sharpener gone?!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Scifi cards are releasing (funny enough!) scifi trading cards this year.There are some great artists onboard this series which will have an alien theme.
Below is my contribution to the cards.
You can check them out at

Sunday, 18 March 2012"Odyssey AD" is being developed by Close2immortality and myself for a launch this year.The comic is a nice mix of horror,action,adventure,mythology and the superhero genres.
Developing the story and the characters is quite liberating from concept art where you are told what to do to a certain point.
The comic is being marketed at different demographics to broaden it's appeal.So promotionl work ranges from 3D work to sketches.However if the average comic reader is turned on or off by this approach is yet to be seen, but it has kept me busy.
The comic itself is more closely related to the sketch work.
So the question is-  Does promotional work that doesn't reflect the comic's interior style work?

                                                3D promotional work for "Odyssey AD"

                                                2D promotional work for "Odyssey AD"

                                      Sketches and concepts that reflect the sequential work

Thursday, 15 March 2012

I recently posted the Moblin design I created for for  Zelda's 25th anniversary.To celebrate selected artists were chosen to redesign Zelda's enemies for
This is one of my pieces for the editorial.It is based off of the two headed Gleeok from the "Phantom hourglass".One head breathes fire,the other ice.

                                                                      Gleeok design

Monday, 12 March 2012

I have been hard at work creating a 3D illustration for a new project.It's all hush-hush!But I can say it's going to be some of my best work!

                                            So here is a sneak peek at the work so far!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Comic books weren't my only obsession growing up!I have an equal love for horror films.
See I was born in 1974 and I was lucky enough to see Halloween without knowing the (then surprise)ending- "You mean he's not dead?" or you mean "It was the boogeyman!"
I was lucky enough to not know Norman was the killer.I was lucky enough to be fooled into being scared to death of Mrs Bates!
I'll even admit that I peed myself on my parents' sofa while watching the great mini-series "Salem's Lot".
My room was full of Fangoria posters by the time I hit my teens and my obsession was driving my parents a bit mad! But the one character they had to live with was Mr Fred Krueger!
I was an absolute Freddy nut!!100% Nuts!
The first film's mix of horror,fantasy and offbeat humour(not comedy) was a mad mix that fueled my imagination like no other!

                                                    So here's a tribute to ol' Pizza face!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I love comics! The very first thing I ever drew as a boy was from a comic.
I don't know when I first picked up a comic but I have a jumble of memories from childhood and comics were there in a lot of them.I remember being a little terror thinking I was the Incredible Hulk!I remember watching Superman the movie a hundred times!I remember filling up my brother and my bedroom full of drawings-everything from X-men to Spider-man comics.And even tho I loved the stories it was the art that got me.
I didn't know the names then but John Byrne and Neil Adams were my art tutors.
I am trying to make a decent living as a conceptual/illustrative and comic book artist.It's hard going and sometimes I feel like Ahab following his Dick!...Well you know what I mean!
Basically I've given up a lot to do what I'm compelled to do but it's going to be worth it.
My first comic book is on the horizon and it's a childhood dream.This is the cover and I promise if it's as good as I know it is it'll make someone else chase their Dick too!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Last year was Nintendo's 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise.To celebrate asked artists from around the globe to reinterprate the classic enemies that Link has fought against.
I chose the Moblin character as I wanted to create something inbetween the dog/pig/orc versions.I decided to create the creature in 3d so that I could pose him for different shots.
Creating him was a great learning experience(especially trying to get 40 million polys from a 32 bit operating system)in sculpting,painting and patience .But it was also the most rewarding work I've done to date.
                                                    Here are some shots of the big guy!

          The other character I chose was the Gleeok dragon.I will post the Gleeok in a few days.

Another Zombie!This is an earlier version with stubble.The work will be published in "The Zombook" this september by Graffbooks.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Here are some Zombie concepts created for a cover for "Killer b#####s of the zombie holocaust"A comic I am working on with Renzo Rodriguea and Dean Mitchell .The work will also be featured in a Zombie art book released this September.More news on that later!