Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Before I learned painting in photoshop or digital sculpting I always rendered with a pencil.I am a big believer that if you can paint traditionally or sculpt traditionally you can digitally too and vice versa.I never understood the prejudices against new technology,good art always shows through.
I like to use the computer,it's cleaner and more efficient at producing work.It cuts out a lot of headaches.The biggest is scanning work in.
However lately I have a bit of a yearning to get off the pc and onto my drawing board.Perhaps it's due to eye strain but I miss paper and a pencil,I miss the mess.Maybe it's just the fact that I need to change things around now and again to stay fresh.
I have posted some pencil renderings here(I love black and white images)that I did a few years back,so I hope you like them. I know I enjoyed drawing where's that f#ckin% sharpener gone?!

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