Saturday, 10 March 2012

Comic books weren't my only obsession growing up!I have an equal love for horror films.
See I was born in 1974 and I was lucky enough to see Halloween without knowing the (then surprise)ending- "You mean he's not dead?" or you mean "It was the boogeyman!"
I was lucky enough to not know Norman was the killer.I was lucky enough to be fooled into being scared to death of Mrs Bates!
I'll even admit that I peed myself on my parents' sofa while watching the great mini-series "Salem's Lot".
My room was full of Fangoria posters by the time I hit my teens and my obsession was driving my parents a bit mad! But the one character they had to live with was Mr Fred Krueger!
I was an absolute Freddy nut!!100% Nuts!
The first film's mix of horror,fantasy and offbeat humour(not comedy) was a mad mix that fueled my imagination like no other!

                                                    So here's a tribute to ol' Pizza face!

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