Saturday, 24 March 2012


Superman is my favourite character ever!I know people say Batman (a close second)is but they're wrong.
You see I must say to the comic book writing community "STOP DUMBING DOWN SUPERMAN TO MAKE BATMAN LOOK COOL!!!!"
You see Superman is a warrior!And although some writers and stories ham up the boyscout side,other stories exist where he is a total badass!This however doesn't mean he is without his softer side-he is Superman after all!It just means he is a full character with different sides.
A lot of people like to point out the fact that he can't be hurt.But they're wrong there too.Apart from the fact that his strength and power has increased dramatically over the decades he can be hurt.
Could you imagine if your parents and your whole planet were destroyed?
Could you imagine the alienation (okay literal alienation)you would feel on a different planet!
How about evil villains trying to kill you on a weekly basis?
What if you don't save everyone with such power? what kind of hero are you?AARRGGHH!!!! the guilt!!!
Now imagine outliving your loved ones and seeing them die.
And throughout this you keep smiling and doing the right thing!
Because you're not a whiny bitch crying over mammy and daddy,while living a billionare life style with hot chicks after you!!!
Okay this isn't an anti Batman blog,I love the caped crusader!But I'm making a point!A very geek point but a point nontheless!!
What has this got to do with my Darkseid sculpt? I guess I have issues....


You can view and download the turntable video of the model on vimeo.Be sure to go to the bottom right hand side and go to download video,there you will see the high def video-

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