Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I love comics! The very first thing I ever drew as a boy was from a comic.
I don't know when I first picked up a comic but I have a jumble of memories from childhood and comics were there in a lot of them.I remember being a little terror thinking I was the Incredible Hulk!I remember watching Superman the movie a hundred times!I remember filling up my brother and my bedroom full of drawings-everything from X-men to Spider-man comics.And even tho I loved the stories it was the art that got me.
I didn't know the names then but John Byrne and Neil Adams were my art tutors.
I am trying to make a decent living as a conceptual/illustrative and comic book artist.It's hard going and sometimes I feel like Ahab following his Dick!...Well you know what I mean!
Basically I've given up a lot to do what I'm compelled to do but it's going to be worth it.
My first comic book is on the horizon and it's a childhood dream.This is the cover and I promise if it's as good as I know it is it'll make someone else chase their Dick too!

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