Sunday, 18 March 2012"Odyssey AD" is being developed by Close2immortality and myself for a launch this year.The comic is a nice mix of horror,action,adventure,mythology and the superhero genres.
Developing the story and the characters is quite liberating from concept art where you are told what to do to a certain point.
The comic is being marketed at different demographics to broaden it's appeal.So promotionl work ranges from 3D work to sketches.However if the average comic reader is turned on or off by this approach is yet to be seen, but it has kept me busy.
The comic itself is more closely related to the sketch work.
So the question is-  Does promotional work that doesn't reflect the comic's interior style work?

                                                3D promotional work for "Odyssey AD"

                                                2D promotional work for "Odyssey AD"

                                      Sketches and concepts that reflect the sequential work

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  1. Mark is a top contender in the art's field & MULTI-TALENTED, THE MAN!!