Saturday, 24 March 2012

                                                                   Scifi art now

SciFi Art Now is a book collecting some of the best in contemporary science fiction art by a wide range of creators. The book, edited by John Freeman, includes an introduction by the legendary Chris Foss and is on sale now in all good bookshops.

"Scifi art now" is a book I am very proud to be part of.The book really does collect a great sample of art from contemporary artists working and aspiring to work in the scifi art genre.
The book has seven chapters that covers robots, aliens, spaceships, cities, warfare, space girls and steampunk.
My work in the book spans over 3 pages,with two in the robot chapter and one in the alien chapter.
I would like to thank John Freeman for the great work involved in putting the book together!

You can read about the artists here-
Book review and preview-
Buy "Scifi art now" here-

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