Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust" is a road trip following Laura and Sarah as they battle through a game.

The game is controlled by a group of people inside 'The Dome', contestants have to battle through a city to find a suitcase that has two tickets out, and will gain you entry into the 'The Dome'.

Who the people are within 'the Dome' is unknown and the technology they have is different to anything we have seen before, all we do know is that the winning contestants are to be used for a war that is starting.

This comic is going to be a treat for horror/scifi fans!
Dean Mitchell has been hard at work writing the series with artist Alberto Rodriguez on pencils.
I have been lucky enough to work on the comic giving it an extra "Ooomph!"- That would be shading and selective colouring then!
I will also be creating covers for the series.
Below are some of the enhancements I have been creating for the series. A special thanks to  Alberto for letting me ride his coat tails!!

 You can read more about the comic here-

Avery special thank you goes out to Mr John Freeman!Always there to lend support to the indy comic industry!

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