Sunday, 29 July 2012

                        "Killer b*****s of the zombie holocaust" crawling your way!

 Been hard at work on "Killer b*****s of the zombie holocaust"!!
It's such a wonderful thing to be creative, but to be creative on something with others who love the same genres and have similar interests is such a cool thing.
The Killer b*****s comic spans may genres, Horror/scifi/adventure/disaster/thriller.Name it,it has it.
Dean Mitchell has created a world that speaks to fans of these genres without exploiting the catagories for the sake of it. Wait and see!
Renzo Rodriguez is the series penciller while I am on shading/greyscale duty.
Mindy Lopkin has just joined the team on lettering duties! Welcome Mandy!
The style has many influences from E.C. comics,Sincity to Schindler's list. Really a nice style to have.It has it's own personality.
So things are really beginning to move for the comic.
Dean is currently producing a film with the executive producer being a living legend!!
So congratulations Dean!
Mr Adam Cheal (who's horror comic book series "Toxic storm" is now available here-!home/mainPage ) has just interviewed Mr Mitchell for "Killer b*****s" here-

You can follow the comic series for news and competitions here-

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