Sunday, 23 September 2012

                                        Comicbooked for the rest of my life

Throughout my work I have always tried to create sool looking imagery. Images to inspire or at least to entertain, But I have a yearning(is that how you spell it?) to delve deeper,to tell stories. Because if a picture is worth a thousand words then surely a page of pictures is worth thousands more!Right?!
SO over the next year I will be focusing in on storytelling with pictures.That's right -Comic books.
They are my first love and what got me into art.
So no better way to kickstart(no pun intended!) my focus than an intervew!
Thanks to Adam Cheal for a great interview,very much appreciated!
p.s. get well Stan we are thinking of you!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

                                                 The tales of Elthric and Veldran

I come from a creative family.Both my father and brother Karl write.And write well. Me I'm more of a visual guy.
But to write and create to me seems harder.Why? Well you have to get someone to sit down and invest time in your work to get the most out of it.And in today's fast food world of a thousand funny gifs and "like" this or "fav" that, we have a steady stream of disposable stimulation.
It's time to slow down! Because you get out what you put in! Invest a little bit of time and look for those hidden gems of true inspiration!
My father's fantasy book is posted monthly at I happen to love my father's writing.Am I biased? I try not to be!
But here's the cool thing in today's world of self- promotion! You can try his work here - and try it for free! Remember free doesn't always mean sub par. It just means the right person hasn't discovered it yet.
If you don't like it, try something else by someone else! But slow down and try. You may find a few hidden gems!
And now here's some self-promoting! Here's a sculpt I created for artwork to go with the story! Easy right!

Monday, 10 September 2012

                                                            Horror film work

I am currently working on conceptual work on a horror film.
Very excited as my love of the horror genre along with comic books is what has fueled my path into art. There's nothing like going to a horror film and jumping,or being creeped out! And with Halloween coming up I'm getting in a ghoulish mood!
NDA's stop me from showing much but this image is so vague it is ok. More an exploration of surreal,subversive imagery to get across mood. The creature/mutant/22 eyed monster(sorry cant say) I am working on is fun to create. Once I got the all clear I will divulge more information.
You can keep up with my work and general rantings on twitter @MarkBeer4