Friday, 11 January 2013

                                    Killer B*****s of the zombie holocaust released jan 23rd!

It's been a long time coming.Many changes over the last few months have taken place and all for the better!
Dean Mitchell the series creator and myself have been gearing up for the series launch and with a brand new penciller onboard(to be announced soon!) it has been a pleasure to paint .
We are more excited than ever for the future of Killer B*****s!
Partnering with Hound comics has been a win win situation for us.The company has allowed us the time to bring you the best we can for the coming year. We are in good company,passionate people who are proactive in wanting to bring their A-game.
So here we are- issue 1 on sale on the 23rd and the beginning of a story that truely is more than another zombie tale.
To have some positive reviews back on the comic before its launch has given us a good understanding of what's working.

The comic has many genres at play-mainly horror,scifi and survival adventure.
Here is a preview of issue 1-
But dont just take my word for it.It's out soon for you to make your own minds up! You can let us know what you think here- or tweet us here- @KBoftheZH
Remember to support new comics and keep the industry alive!

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